Supercomputing Technologies in Interdisciplinary Research

The first double degree master’s program of ITMO University and Institute of Informatics of the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands was launched in 2012. The double degree option during the second year of study presupposes research work and preparation of master's thesis under the supervision of two supervisors from ITMO University and the University of Amsterdam.

Participation in research projects at the leading European university #55 in QS World University Rankings and multidisciplinary learning environment provide our graduates a unique opportunity for professional and personal growth. The option of two diplomas (European and Russian) opens doors to research and employment opportunities in just about every sector of the economy, large financial and high tech companies, government agencies, and global corporations.

The program teaches how to build computational models from real life observations, turn them into computational codes and perform large-scale simulations. It is designed for excellent students interested in scientific research and project design in various areas of computational science, including HPC technologies for decision support systems, cloud computing and cloud eScience infrastructures, and computer multi-scale simulation of complex systems and processes.

We offer immersive, hands-on learning and research with top experts in Computational Science and HPC from the University of Amsterdam and ITMO University and participation in international research groups.

Master Programs of High Performance Computing Department have been internationally and professionally certified by European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education and the Association for Engineering Education of Russia.

Programme objectives

  1. Preparation of elite specialists in IT sphere, capable of managing emergent tasks, using methods and tools of supercomputing simulation and big data processing.

  2. Forming of abilities and skills, concerning development and usage of high-performance computational methods, parallel algorithms and software for managing crucial computing tasks in different subject areas.

  3. Obtaining of experience in engineering development (planning, coding, adjustment, testing) and realization of high technology software solutions based on modern distributed computing infrastructure eScience and eEngineering, combining supercomputing technologies, grid and Big data repository in cloud computing logic.

  4. Forming of managing skills, including project management or development project stages management and realization of high technology software solutions, including product requirements collecting, industrial processes and resources planning, HR management, incident management, infrastructure ensuring.

  5. Development of students’ “soft skills” to adapt to new circumstances, to educate themselves in new research and development methods, to be socially and geographically mobile, to adapt to the changes of scientific and research-and-production type of their professional occupation and to meet the world level requirements for IT specialists, concerning publishing skills and skills of giving speeches at international class “A” conferences.

Joint Master’s Program in Supercomputing Technologies in Interdisciplinary Research on the ITMO University website.

Academic Director Prof Dr Alexander V. Boukhanovsky

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