Urban Supercomputing

The goal of the program is to train a new generation of world-class ICT professionals with a broad interdisciplinary outlook, who are ready to lead innovative projects and companies in creating products and systems to manage the Smart Cities of the future. The program curriculum focuses on the use of computer simulation for urban processes, including transport and commodity flows, virtual society activities, the internet of things, urban emergencies and disasters, crowd behavior, etc.
Graduates obtain advanced skills in mathematical modeling and adopt techniques to study global real-world systems (GSS, Global System Science), while incorporating extensive social and humanitarian components.
This master’s program brings an international perspective on best practices and emerging trends in Big Data analysis and supercomputing, preparing students for research and applied IT positions in global leading institutions, companies, and agencies.

Joint Master’s Program in Urban Supercomputing at ITMO University website

Academic Director Sergey Ivanov

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