Big Data and Machine Learning

Study language: English

This program teaches students to derive value from data to influence business decisions and for research purposes using their quantitative and analytical skills.
In the framework of the program, we emphasize technical proficiency and practical experience with machine learning, database processing, data visualization and modeling, data storage, transfer and processing. The world class level and compliance with educational standards of quality assurance is proven by the growing number of the research papers published by our Masters in English in international peer-review journals and presentations of their research results at international "A" class conferences. Wide choice of courses allows our students to personalize their study track depending on their specializations.
It’s a great opportunity to work hand-in-hand with researchers on the cutting-edge of Big Data and Machine Learning.

Students can choose for themselves one of three specializations: “Technologies for the organization and management of big data infrastructure”, “Technologies for machine learning and analysis of big data”, “Cognitive technologies and quantum intelligence”.

Specialization “Technologies for organization and management of big data infrastructure” is aimed at studying the infrastructure, storage and processing of big data. This specialization is focused on the following professions: programmers, solving the tasks of storing and processing big data in the industry; research engineers working on research projects; specialists working with high-load data storage systems.

Specialization “Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis Technologies” focuses on data analysis using deep learning methods and neural networks. This specialization is focused on the following professions: research engineers, data analysts, analysts and software developers in large research centers and innovative start-ups, research assistants in academic environments at leading international and Russian universities.

Specialization "Cognitive technologies and quantum intelligence"
It is aimed at mathematical modeling of complex socio-economic processes using modern methods of quantum information theory, cognitive technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The basis of specialization is training in the development, research of methods of analysis, synthesis, optimization and forecasting of the functioning of information systems and technologies mainly in the field of modern economics and finance, through the prism of cognitive approaches, including behavioral approach (behavioral economics), psychological (psychophysiological) approaches, and also the neuro-approach used in artificial intelligence, and implemented in such promising areas as neuroeconomics and neuromarketing.

The selection of specialization is carried out at the end of the first semester of the master's program. It is important to note that regardless of the choice of specialization, during the first two semesters modern technologies for data analysis will be studied, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and parallel computing.

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Academic Director Denis Nasonov

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