Computational Biomedicine

This innovative Master’s program was launched in 2016, has a network structure, and includes practice-oriented disciplines implemented on the basis of the Professor Vladimir Almazov Almazov National Medical Research Centre.

The program aims to train professionals in IT to effectively apply predictive modeling methods and process BigData sets for translational medicine and public health domains. Fields of study include but are not limited to:

  • theoretical foundations, methods, and technological support of decision-making for 4P medicine (Personalized, Prevented, Predicted, Participatory Medicine)
  • methods and algorithms for bioinformatics and genomic research
  • protein structure modeling and design of drugs
  • models of physiological processes in the human body (Virtual Physiological Human)
  • DSS for health care institutions
  • epidemiological studies using Big Data to analyze external environmental, cultural and socio-economic factors

Joint Master’s Program in Computational Biomedicine on the ITMO University website

Academic Director Sergey Kovalchuk

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