Digital Health

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This innovative Master’s program includes practice-oriented disciplines implemented on the basis of the Professor Vladimir Almazov Almazov National Medical Research Centre.

The educational program is focused on the study of modern approaches and technologies for modeling in the field of computational biomedicine. Practical implementation of information technology in medicine and healthcare enables deriving large bulk of data to create new models, through which you can, for example, predict the course of diseases, calculate the workload of medical institutions or develop treatment programs individually for each patient, based on their digital past.

Fields of study include but are not limited to:

  •  theoretical foundations, methods, and technological support of decision-making for 4P medicine (Personalized, Prevented, Predicted, Participatory Medicine)
  • methods and algorithms for bioinformatics and genomic research
  • protein structure modeling and design of drugs
  • models of physiological processes in the human body (Virtual Physiological Human)
  • DSS for health care institutions

Students can choose one of two specializations - “Mathematical modeling in problems of medicine and public health” or “Decision support systems in medicine and public health”

The specialization “Mathematical modeling in problems of medicine and public health” is focused on the in-depth study of various types of modeling: continuous, discrete, evolutionary. This specialization is focused on the following professions: data scientist, bioinformatics programmer, computational research programmer.

The specialization “Decision Support Systems in Medicine and Healthcare” is aimed at studying technologies for developing new decision support systems. Specialization includes several courses for immersion in the field of medical informatics. This specialization is focused on the following professions: statistical programmer, computational research programmer, data solutions analyst.

The selection of specialization is carried out at the end of the first semester of the master's program. It is important to note that regardless of the choice of specialization, during the first two semesters modern technologies for data analysis will be studied, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and parallel computing.

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Academic Director Sergey Kovalchuk

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