Spring and Summer Schools

In collaboration with eScience Research Institute we organize annual Russian and international events and workshops dedicated to the application of computational methods, algorithms, and software for computer modeling and simulation to support decision-making in health, urban studies, and the social and human sciences.

For Undergraduates

The goal of the Spring School in HPC Technologies and Computer Modeling is to create a learning environment in which bachelor’s and master’s students from all over Russia can develop their potential in modeling and programming, and soft skills, by engaging in four-day long group projects.

For Graduate Students, Researchers, and Professionals

Starting in 2012, ITMO University and the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (UvA) hold the annual International Young Scientists Conference (YSC) in HPC technologies and Computer Modeling.

The YSC aims to build a dialogue on the present and future of Computational Science. It also discusses research and practical development of the major application aspects of HPC and computer modeling for solving a wide range of problems of science, industry, and business.

Simulation and systems thinking is one way to explain the complex world in which we live. By collecting data and creating computer models, scientists can make predictions on critical problems, such as how to influence the flow of traffic, how an epidemic will spread, or the probability of individuals in society becoming addicted to drugs.

The YSC covers topics related to mathematical modeling, high-performance computing, data-driven modeling and simulation, and large scale simulation of complex systems. It offers an ideal range of topics for Master’s students in their final year of study, as well as for beginning PhD students interested in these areas. 

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