Joint PhD program in Complex Systems Simulation for Advanced Decision Support between ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia and University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Goal of the program is to train and educate a new generation of world-class scientists in Modelling and Simulation with a broad interdisciplinary outlook, focused at achieving practical-oriented results and capable of leading innovative projects in the market of products and systems based on high-performance and distributed computing technologies.

The PhD students will work within the TROIKA Lab (Technology and Research On Information-driven Knowledge Alliance), an international research and education centre at ITMO University, focused on cutting-edge computational science problems. Many renowned professors from leading universities work in the TROIKA Lab, supervising young talented researchers selected from all over the country.

Upon completion of the program our graduates should:

  • Understand the theory of building computer models, analytical methods of research and transformation, computational methods and efficient algorithms for computer modeling, methods of quality assessment and the adequacy of the models, as well as methods of using computer modeling to solve problems a particular subject area;
  • Develop mathematical modeling techniques and data implementing its computational procedures, efficient parallel algorithms and software implementations, focused on modern supercomputers, distributed environments and cloud computing;
  • Apply technologies of design and software development (including parallel and distributed architectures), application software of computer simulation and data processing, techniques of scientific visualization and virtual reality.

Applicants are invited to participate in competitive selection for 5 PhD positions.

Closing date is 25, July 2017

PLEASE NOTE that double degree option is available upon the results of the first 18 months' evaluation at ITMO University.

Entry requirement: MSc degree in computational science, computer science, or a similar field

Scholarship indication: 60000 RUB per month

Benefits: subsidized accommodation, relocation package

Work conditions: full time position, including ~10% teaching assistance, participation in projects and international conferences

Location: ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia with short-term visits to University of Amsterdam

Contact: Anna Bilyatdinova hpc-magistr@corp.ifmo.ru and bilyatdinova@mail.ifmo.ru