International students are offered accommodation in the ITMO University dormitory. Students interested in renting apartments are welcome to do so independently.

A temporary dormitory room can be arranged upon arrival to St. Petersburg, after which the student can move to a permanent room. If you are interested in arranging a temporary dormitory room for your first few nights in St. Petersburg, please contact the International Coordinator. For more information on the ITMO University dormitories, including cost, location, and photos, please see the ITMO University housing page.

Documents required to move into a permanent room in the dormitory include:

  • chest photofluorography
  • HIV test

Both of the above documents must be brought to the campus health clinic for inspection prior to moving into the dormitory.

A chest photofluorography can be obtained at the Fluorography Center, at Vosstaniya 1, which provides assistance in English and Russian. For prices and location details, please see the Center’s website.

Health Care

There is an on-campus health clinic located at Kronverskiy Prospect, 49, and includes first aid services, treatment of acute illnesses, minor injuries, vaccinations, and preventative medicine. The clinic is open Monday – Friday from 9AM – 3PM. 
General health insurance coverage from Liberty Health Insurance is available for an affordable price from the International Students’ Office at Lomonosova, 9 . All students are required to obtain valid health insurance in the Russian Federation during the course of their studies. The HPC International Coordinator will assist students with receiving adequate medical care and using their health insurance in cases of injury or illness.

Student ID

To receive your Student ID, please bring 2 3*4 cm photos of yourself to the Dean’s Office of the Information Technologies and Programming Department at Kronverskiy pr. 49, room 139.

Your Student ID can be used to access all ITMO University buildings, and will provide you student discounts throughout the city at museums, theaters, and other attractions.

Public Transport Pass

To get a student transport card for discounted fares on public transportation in St. Petersburg, fill out the form here.

Then take your student ID to any metro station to request your transport pass. At most metro stations, it will take 2 weeks to process.You can also get your transport pass same day by going to the Ploshchad Alexandra Nevskovo 2 metro station and applying for your pass there.

Student Support Services

International Student Council

Vkontakte Page

A student-run council providing foreign-language conversation groups and other social activities.

Migration Services Office

Provides visa support, extension, registration, and visa invitations for students.

Center of International Faculty Support

Provides visa and contract support for international faculty members.

International Students Office

Enrollment and academic support for international bachelor’s and master’s students. Health Insurance is also provided here.

Credential Evaluation Unit

Evaluation of international education credentials and diplomas.

International Graduate Student Department

Enrollment and academic support for international PhD students.


During your studies in St. Petersburg, you must obtain registration every time you re-enter Russia on your student visa. Within three days of your return to Russia, go to the Migration Services Office to update your registration. This must be done every time you leave the territory of the Russian Federation and re-enter.