Videogames’ Technologies

Study language: Russian

The master’s program aims to train highly-skilled IT professionals and engineers. Graduates will obtain advanced skills in mathematical modeling and will learn to apply Computer Graphics techniques, HMI, Sound and Network technologies by working in multidisciplinary teams to create highly aesthetic and expressive state-of-the-art games.

Main Goals:

Form the skills to develop rendering techniques, parallel algorithms and software

Get experience in engineering development (planning, coding, adjustment, testing) and implementation of high technology software solutions for game design

Develop project management skills, including product requirements description, planning of industrial processes and resources, HR management, incident management

Put emphasis on soft skills to adapt to ever changing circumstances, self-learning, social and geographic mobility

Be ready to meet the world level requirements for IT professionals in Computer Games Design

Research projects in leading game companies and multidisciplinary learning environment at HPC department provide our graduates with unique opportunity for professional and personal growth. The students' projects open doors to research and employment in just about every sector of video game industry.

This master program sets a goal to promote Russian game industry in the global market and satisfy the demand for game developers. To bridge this gap the program is designed for excellent students interested in scientific research and project design in various areas of Computational Science including high quality game production and computer multi-scale simulation of complex systems and processes.

Specialization Video game design focuses on in-depth study of game design and various methods of generating content. This specialization is focused on the following professions: Game-designer, Project Manager, Level-designer.

Specialization In-game technology focuses on the technological aspects of the gaming industry: low-level programming, developing its own game engines, programming a game AI. This specialization is focused on the following professions: Gameplay programmer, Programmer, Technical Artist.

The selection of specialization is carried out at the beginning of the third semester of the master's program. It is important to note that regardless of the specialization, during the first two semesters, both game design and disciplines containing technical training will be studied.

Academic Director Dr Andrey Karsakov

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