Academic English for Computational Science

Entry requirements: internet based free TOEFL over 75

Credits: 3

Course: Core

Language of the course: English


  • Identify, understand and evaluate reasoning
  • Spot strengths and weaknesses in reasoning
  • Write persuasive essays, introductions and conclusions
  • Expand your academic vocabulary
  • Think your way through complex issues
  • Defend your opinion
  • Avoid being gullible


Reasoning and argumentation are essential academic skills. While searching for and analyzing data, or writing articles yourself you need critical thinking skills to evaluate the logic of others or your own. You should be able to support with examples your own reasoning and what is of vital importance to communicate it effectively by writing well structured texts and giving convincing talks. During classes students will grasp the essence of good essay-writing by benchmarking the best papers in STEM and Liberal Arts and peer reviewing. Having completed the course, your payoff will be an enhanced intellectual power to assist you in almost every sphere of life.


Lectures and workshops.


Attendance is mandatory. Students cannot miss more than one class.

Grading: 40% weekly assignments; 20% participation in class discussions and/or individual presentation on a topic of interest, 20% final research results’ presentation; 20% writing a final essay based on a well structured argument map.