Parallel Programing

Entry requirements: C/C++ programming skills

Credits: 4

Course: Core

Language of the course: English


Katerina Bolgova


Students will learn to

  • to find out the basic directions of development of high-performance computers and basic classification of multiprocessor computer systems
  • to apply the basic techniques and formal model of parallel programming
  • to use tools for parallel programming on systems with distributed and shared memory
  • to design parallel algorithms for computational problems
  • to implement parallel programs for computing systems with distributed and shared memory
  • to analyze speedup and efficiency of parallel algorithms


Course Parallel programming is intended introduce students with the basics of high-performance computing. On completion of the course students will be able to apply their knowledge to solve complex computational problems. The course is designed for students who have the C/C++ programming skills and want to improve them.


Lectures and programming tasks.


Attendance is mandatory. Students cannot miss more than one class.

The course consists of 7 main sections. Each of them must be evaluated. For the successful complete the course you must submit all the programming tasks and make a report. The final grade depends on the activity of the student during the course.