Introduction to eScience and eEngineering

Credits: 4

Course: Elective

Language of the course: English


Contemporary concepts, methods, and technologies in eScience and eEngineering, survey of state of the art projects in computational infrastructure building, BigData solutions, collaborative environments, and knowledge-based approaches for solution development in eScience and eEngineering.


This course presents introductory knowledge in field of eScience and eEngineering and considers contemporary approaches, methods, and solutions for building computational infrastructures, BigData processing, and collaborative environments building. An important aspect considered as a core integrative concept through the course is knowledge-based approaches and technologies.

This course is complementary to the course “Introduction to eScience infrastructure” with more focus on knowledge-based aspects of solutions and known applications in areas of eScience and eEngineering.


The course includes three modules, containing lectures, seminars with discussion of presented technological solutions, and coursework.


To fulfill course requirements students need to participate in seminars in all modules, prepare and present coursework with systematic review of selected sub-field in eScience/eEngineering, and pass the final exam.