Introduction to Big Data Technologies

Entry requirements: basic programming skills, basic SQL\DBMS knowledges

Credits: 4

Course: Elective

Language of the course: English


Denis Nasonov


  • Main reasons of Big Data appearance
  • Definition and identification of Big Data core
  • Brief introduction in Big Data processing technologies
  • Introduction in MapReduce paradigm
  • Basic knowledge of Apache Hadoop technology and used infrastructure for it
  • Basic overview of Apache Spark Technology


Assimilation of Big Data core principles and existed Big Data technologies in business processes is crucial necessity for the successful existence of the modern economical and financial sectors. That is why this course is aimed to obtain the basic skills in the processing and analysis Big Data. During the course, students will learn the history of formation and current perspectives of Big Data. Also it will be shown, how to understand the current trends of Big Data and practically learn the principles of MapReduce functionality as well as Apache Hadoop technology. Also, students will learn the key features of working with Apache Spark technology. At the end of the course the student will have basic skills of working with Big Data, in both way, theoretically and practically.


Lectures and workshops


Attendance is mandatory. Students cannot miss more than one class.

Grading: 40% course work; 40% work in workshops; 20% final examination test.