Internet and Web Technologies

Entry requirements: basic understanding of programming principles

Credits: 3

Course: Core

Language of the course: English


  • Get an understanding of how the Internet works.
  • Understand, what information and its features do you need.
  • Learn how to obtain open data required for your research.
  • Find ways to collect specific information from diverse sources.
  • Get the basics of data mining and data processing.


Today Internet is one of the most valuable sources of information for scientists. It allows to collect a great amount of data, which can be then processed into the actionable information. During the classes students will obtain deeper knowledge about the foundation of World Wide Web and the technology behind it. Lectures and workshops about techniques for collecting datasets from open resources and crawling raw sources are essential parts of the education process.  The course also covers methods and algorithms for processing collected data.


Lectures and workshops


Attendance is mandatory. Students cannot miss more than one class. Grading: 50% weekly assignments, 50% course project.