Videogame and VR technologies

Entry requirements: C#/C++; Linear Algebra, Direct3D 11; HLSL/OpenGL 4.0; GLSL; Numerical Computing; Computational Geometry; Photometry

Credits: 4

Semester: 2

Course: Elective

Language of the course: Russian


  • Know advanced rendering and graphic simulation techniques used in modern video games;
  • Understand inter-relations between techniques and fine art of computer games;
  • Create, combine and decompose various art rendering techniques and animations, shading;
  • Develop debugging, profiling and optimization skills to create high quality graphical applications.


In this course, you will learn advanced graphics rendering technology, techniques for global illumination calculating, anti-aliasing (smoothing), virtual texturing techniques and complex shaders. The discipline partially covers such areas of physics as photometry and interaction of optical radiation with matter.


Lectures and labs. Practical sections.


  • 50% homework
  • 50% practical sections
  • compulsory attendance