Graphics API

Entry requirements: It is necessary to know and be able to use effectively one or more programming languages for writing computer programs. Ability to use the search engines to access the necessary information. English at the level of reading with a dictionary.

Credits: 4

Semester: 1

Course: Core

Language of the course: English


Students will learn the shader programming languages, to understand the structure of the graphics conveyer, the architecture of modern GPUs, the boundaries of GPU applicability for general purpose computing, to create graphical applications, to transfer and adapt computing tasks to graphics processors. Students will acquire skills of debugging, profiling and optimizing graphics applications.


Discipline considers the architecture of modern graphic processors from NVidia and AMD, their computational model and memory model, as well as special hardware such as samplers and rasterizers. Studying the discipline students will gain knowledge and skills in working with modern graphical APIs, like Direct3D 11, 12 or Vulkan both for rendering visualization tasks and for general purpose computing tasks.


Lectures and laboratory works.


Attendance is mandatory. Students cannot miss more than one class.
The grade consists of: 50% weekly tests, 50% laboratory works.