Artificial Intelligence

Entry requirements: C#/C++; Algorithms and Data Structures; Design Patterns

Credits: 3

Semester: 2

Course: Core

Language of the course: Russian


  • Understand the tasks of Game Artificial Intelligence;
  • Learn configuration of algorithms and ill-defined spaces findpath; analyzing and avoiding threats, crowd simulation;
  • Configure Game Artificial Intelligence


The main goal of artificial intelligence (except for special cases) is to not to destroy the player but entertain the one. The delicate balance of suddenness and predictability and even more delicate exquisite boundary between good game and loss are the aspects maintaining the interest of the player to the game covered by the course. We will teach you how to create required behaviors of the characters controlled by artificial intelligence, threat analysis and the environment, the relationship with the character animation as well as interaction of game narrative and artificial intelligence.


Lectures and labs. Practical sections.


  • 50% homework
  • 50% practical sections
  • compulsory attendance