Academic English

Entry requirements: English at the level of reading technical literature with a dictionary.

Credits: 3

Semester: 1

Course: Core

Language of the course: English


Students will learn: the specifics of scientific and academic communication in a foreign language; the terminology of their speciality in a foreign language; the order of words in the English sentence, the types of questions, the verb forms, the cases of using the corresponding constructions; to analyze linguistic situations and use English grammatical constructions correctly; to understand, as well as by ear, the content of authentic texts and other materials, to use English intonational constructions correctly, to use foreign language in professional activities, professional and interpersonal communication, to implement basic communication strategies in a foreign language; to analyze and select the necessary information in original English sources, to search for, memorize and use new words and expressions, to present the results of scientific research in a foreign language; to use English rules of reading and pronunciation; skills of leading a dialogue and public speech / speeches (preparation of letters, CVs, slides). Students will acquire knowledge of vocabulary taking into account the specifics of professional activity, norms of speech etiquette and rules of writing; skills and abilities of writing and translating scientific and popular science texts in a foreign language.


Main topics of the discipline:

  • The structure of English grammar
  • The ambiguity of the words "IT, THAT, THOSE, ONE"
  • Degrees of comparison of adjectives and adverbs. Comparative constructions
  • Verb forms
  • Modal verbs and their equivalents
  • Passive voice. Formation and translation features
  • The functions of verbs "TO BE, TO HAVE, TO DO"
  • Subordinate clauses. Sequence of tenses
  • Conditional sentences. Subjunctive mood
  • The use of the verbs "SHOULD, WOULD"
  • Grammatical polysemy of parts of speech
  • Participle
  • Independent participial
  • Gerund
  • Infinitive
  • Infinitive and gerund constructions


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