Finite Element Method: Theory and Applications

Credits: 4

Semester: 3

Course: Elective


Students will learn the concepts of the finite element of its function, form; basic numerical methods; the basis for the numerical realization of the finite element method; mathematical methods used to solve problems; algorithms that implement these methods; to carry out selection of finite element types and development of a calculation scheme for finite element analysis; to investigate and develop modeling algorithms for solving problems; the finite element method and algorithms for its implementation; scientific basis for the selection and use of finite element types. Students will acquire skills of constructing modeling algorithms for solving problems and skills in the construction of graphs and fields of calculated values.


Main topics of the discipline:

  • Finite element method. Basic concepts
  • Solution of applied problems: heat conductivity, hydromechanics, axisymmetric problems of field theory
  • Solution of applied problems: nonstationary problems of field theory, elasticity theory
  • Elements of high order


Lectures and lab sessions.