Credits: 6

Semester: 3

Course: Elective


Students will learn the approaches to the use of modern communication technologies for remote delivery of medical care and timely consultations; the subject and tasks of telemedicine, methodological foundations and guidelines; standards for the international exchange of medical information; to prepare medical information for telemedicine consultation, including text and visual materials; to document telemedicine consultation;
Students will acquire the skills to work on the basic equipment used for telemedicine services; they will study basic technologies for the transformation of medical information: text editors, databases; methods of protecting personal data; standards for the transmission of health information; methods of assessing the effectiveness of telemedicine activities.


Main topics of the discipline:

  • History of Telemedicine
  • Organization of telemedicine activities
  • Medical diagnostic equipment for telemedicine
  • Method of telemedicine examination of the patient
  • Clinical Telemedicine
  • Patient-centered telemedicine
  • Distance learning
  • The future of telemedicine


Lectures and lab sessions.