Numerical Algorithms

Credits: 5

Semester: 3

Course: Elective


Students will learn basic equations of mathematical physics and classical problems for them, the concept of a generalized solution of the problem for a partial differential equation, numerical algorithms for solving problems of algebra, analysis, problems associated with differential equations, methods for realizing computations on modern computers, and basic features of approximate calculations; to solve problems in discipline by the methods studied and to analyze the solution obtained, apply numerical methods in solving applied problems, estimate the error of the solution obtained, and prove the properties of partial differential equations.
Students will study technologies of application of computational methods for solving specific problems from various areas of mathematics and its applications. Students will acquire the skills of practical evaluation of the accuracy of results obtained in the course of solving various computational tasks, application development skills using the chosen operating system and development environment.


Main topics of the discipline:

  • The subject and method of computational mathematics. Approximate calculations
  • One-dimensional minimization and approximation of functions
  • Numerical methods of algebra and analysis
  • Integral equations


Laboratory works.