Methods and tools for the analysis and cataloging of scientific sources

Credits: 4

Semester: 2

Course: Core


Students will learn the principles of classification, cataloging and processing of data on the basis of scientometric databases, the peculiarities of methodological approaches to working with literary sources, the stages of constructing mathematical models, taking into account currently existing methods, approaches and means of solving urgent scientific problems, methods for analyzing large data; to make reviews of scientific literature on the basis of open sources, to analyze, rank and structure analytical sources taking into account their interrelations, to compile analytical reviews, to compile surveys using the science-based databases SCOPUS, Web of Science, RINC.
Students will study methods of constructing factographic and analytical reviews of scientific literature, basic skills in the use of computational algorithms, and the skills of large data representation, search software and bibliographic analysis of scientific literature, citation systems EndNote, RefWorks, Mendeley.


Main topics of the discipline:

  • Methods of constructing factographic and analytical reviews.
  • Scientometric databases: SCOPUS, Web of Science, RINC. Analysis, ranking and structuring of analytical sources.
  • Software for searching and bibliographic analysis.
  • Citation systems: EndNote, RefWorks, Mendeley.


Lectures and laboratory works.