Basics of Playwrighting and Directing

Entry requirements: Ability to type the text on the keyboard quickly and to use the search engines to access the necessary information. English at the level of reading technical literature with a dictionary.

Credits: 3

Semester: 1

Course: Core


Andrew Svitenkov


Students will acquire the ability of abstract thinking, generalization, analysis, systematization and forecasting, self-development and use of creative potential. Students will learn methods of analyzing dramatic works; to give a comprehensive assessment of dramatic works at different stages of elaboration, from the script to the final product.
Students will acquire skills of writing scripts.


The main topics of the discipline: What is a script?
What is an idea?
Scenario structure.
Compositional structure (frame, scene, episode).
Scene. Episode. Peripetias and intrigue. Bookmarks. Details, metaphors. Creation of a scene, questions to the scene.
Hero. The protagonist, the prototype, heroes of the second plan, episodic characters. Graph of relationships. Ensemble. Role and type. A simple and complex hero (Moliere and Shakespearean character). External and internal conflict. Creation of character.


Lectures and training classes.