Sound Technologies

Entry requirements: It is necessary to know and be able to use effectively one or more programming languages for writing computer programs. Ability to use the search engines to access the necessary information. English at the level of reading with a dictionary.

Credits: 4

Semester: 3

Course: Elective


Students will learn: the features of sound distribution in different environments, types of technical and software tools for sound recording, to calculate the propagation of sound waves and encode them into digital values, to recreate sound effects and superimpose them on finished recordings, to record and generate sound effects, to adapt the recordings to playback devices.
Students will acquire skills in sound editing and in using specialized software packages for processing and analyzing sound.


The main topics of the discipline:

  • Physics of sound
  • Sound processing
  • Spatial sound effects
  • Audio playback facilities
  • Sound synthesis and reproduction technologies
  • Sound recording. Scoring


Lectures and laboratory works.