Information Technologies in Modern Healthcare

Credits: 3

Semester: 1

Course: Core

Language of the course: Russian


Students will learn: the possibilities of using information technologies to organize the work of the intensive care unit (including decision support systems, DSS); to automate recording and processing of patients' electrophysiological parameters; to increase the effectiveness of treatment for resuscitation patients on the basis of an integrated patient monitoring system; to formulate and solve problems arising in the organization of work of the intensive care unit; to develop technical tasks and corresponding algorithms for using information technologies; to automate the detection of abnormalities in the life of the patient. Students will acquire the basic skills of the development, implementation and use of information technology for solving the tasks of the intensive care unit.


Main topics of the discipline: Medicine as information industry. Information flows in the medical organization. Organization of the clinical department on the example of ICU. Possibilities and ways of informatization of work processes. Patient monitoring. Collection, processing, storage and use of monitoring data. Therapy, aimed at maintaining vital functions in terms of information technology. Risk stratification and forecasting in emergency medicine. Medical information systems in the intensive care unit (ICU). Information technologies in urgent diagnostics. Telemedicine technologies in the ICU. Decision support systems in the ICU. Legal issues of application of information technologies in the ICU. Information technology in quality control, economic analysis and value-based medicine. Case analysis (clinical / organizational / economic / legal problem and solution using IT technologies).


lectures and practical classes