High Performance Computing

Credits: 3

Semester: 2

Course: Core

Language of the course: Russian


Students will study methods of effective solving typical linear mathematical modeling problems, methods of effective solving typical nonlinear mathematical problems, performance characteristics of effective methods for solving linear algebraic equations, differential equations and optimization problems, a variety of ready-made solutions, typical computing architectures. Students will learn how to formulate and implement effective numerical algorithms for solving typical mathematical modeling problems, analyze computational models, assessing their complexity, parallel efficiency, complexity of implementation. Students will gain skills in effective numerical methods for solving mathematical differential and algebraic problems, applied modeling packages, implementation and use of parallel numerical methods for solving typical problems of computational mathematics, analysis of the basic models of simulation, knowledge of methods for estimating the complexity of models.


The main topics of classes of the discipline:

  • Matrices and solving system of linear algebraic equations
  • Nonlinear problem
  • Linear function operators
  • Numerical methods of solving differential equations and applied OpenFOAM package


Lectures and lab sessions