Basics of Game Design

Entry requirements: Basic skills in working with technical documentation.Ability to type the text on the keyboard quickly and to use the search engines to access the necessary information.English at the level of reading technical literature.

Credits: 4

Semester: 2

Course: Core

Language of the course: Russian


Students will learn: the current state of computer games design in Russia and in the world, basic expectations of consumers regarding games and the gaming industry in general, the means of working with large volumes of statistical data, how to choose the most suitable programming languages ​​and numerical methods for solving this problem, to give a qualitative evaluation of game products, to operate with information about game design of the developed software product.
Students will acquire skills of presentation and demonstration of the developed product and a comprehensive vision of computer games design.


The main topics of the discipline:

  • Basic classifications of computer games
  • The game as a resource management process
  • Features of online games and their balancing
  • Difference between skill game and chance game
  • Designing game mechanics, level design
  • Ways of designing and keeping the documents
  • Formulas depending on the genre / features, the complexity of the game and the platform.
  • Player Types.
  • Linearity and nonlinearity of games.
  • Testing, receiving and processing feedback.
  • Adding game rules and restrictions
  • Adaptation of presentation and project to event formats (pitch)


lectures and practical classes


Credit and examination