Imitative Modeling

Entry requirements: It is necessary to know and be able to use effectively one or more programming languages for writing computer programs.Ability to use the search engines to access the necessary information.English at the level of reading technical literature.

Credits: 3

Semester: 3

Course: Core

Language of the course: Russian


Students will learn: the legal and ethical norms of the Russian Federation and the world general cultural values, as well as the consequences that may result from the socially significant projects being developed, the foundations of queuing systems, the main ways to develop and implement socially significant projects, taking into account the impact assessment from the implementation of these projects, to optimize system parameters, to build the imitation analogues of real systems.


Discipline deals with such issues as fundamental foundations of the theory of system modeling, the methodology of statistical tests, the modeling of queuing systems, specialized tools for modeling SMOs, agent modeling, analysis of simulation results and optimization of systems using simulation modeling.


lectures and practical classes