Prof. Dr. P.M.A. Sloot is a distinguished research professor at UvA, The Netherlands, and Research Professor at HPC Department, ITMO University. His research focuses on understanding how nature processes information. He studies this 'natural information processing' in complex systems by computational modeling and simulation as well as through formal methods.

His work is applied to a large variety of disciplines with a focus on -but not limited to- Biomedicine and Socio-Economic systems. Recent work is on modeling the virology and epidemiology of infectious diseases, notably HIV, through Complex Networks, Cellular Automata and Multi-Agents. Recently he tries to build bridges to socio-dynamics. He has published some 500 research papers, edited many books. He is editor in chief of both the Journal of Computational Science and Future Generation Computing Systems, and is one of the founding fathers and long-term chairman of the International Conference on Computational Science. He has been involved in many EU research projects, and was coordinator of EU-funded VIROLAB and DYNANETS projects. Prof Sloot is also a co-director of International Research and Educational Centre of ICT collaborative type - TROIKA (TechnologyandResearchOnInformation-drivenKnowledgeAlliance) which is designed to stimulate internationalization of research and educational activities in the field of information and communication in University ITMO.

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P.M.A. Sloot teaches the following courses: