Andrew Svitenkov is an Associate Professor at High Performance Computing Department. He was graduated cum laude from faculty of Photonics and Optoinformatics of ITMO University in 2011. In 2012 Andrew Sitenkov enrolled in postgraduate study at the Department of High Performance Computing and got a position of researcher in eScience Research Institute. He studied multiscale modeling for the investigation of electronic and mechanical properties of nanostructures, was involved in two research projects “High-performance simulation package of electronic and electromechanical properties of carbon nanoobjects” and “Multiscale modeling of deformation and destruction of polymer nanocomposites material with rigid asymmetric inclusions".

Andrew Svitenkov defended his dissertation in 2013. His master theses is devoted to the issues of modeling of transfer process in the conditions of broken continual approximation.

Andrew’s recent work concentrates on the modeling of biomechanical processes, hemodynamics especially. Andrew is involved in cooperative with University of Amsterdam “In-stent Restenosis Multiscale Modeling” research project.

His research interests are Theoretical Mechanics, Mori-Zwanzig projection operators method, methods of reduced description of dynamics of complex systems.

Office hours

Time: Monday, Thursday 14:00 - 18:00

Place: 4 Birzhevaya liniya, office 417

Andrew Svitenkov teaches the following courses: